Thursday, February 10, 2011

Breaking News! Published Author Loves Leopard Print Heel!

What?  You don't look like Kim in your heels?  Of course you do!
Everyone knows LuLu's isn't one to be shy about our seriously sexy heels.  Just peek in our front window--you'll see.  But sometimes we forget just how powerful that chemistry between shoe and foot can really be.  You know, that feeling that creeps into your stomach when you catch a glimpse of yourself with mile long legs and a perfect dress after weeks in your winter boots and jeans.  Homina homina homina.

Well, LuLu's old friend in a new way (Hi Melissa!) recently reminded all of us of the power of the prowess on her sparkle-tastic blog, Bitchin' Fiction!  We heart sexy shoe transformations and we really heart cyber shout outs.  Check out Mel and her shoe obsession (and some great teen vampire fiction love, too) here!

Here's to you, ladies--you, who know and harness the power of a sexy heel!  Maybe you can help drive old man winter out.  We can only hope.

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