Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shoe of the Week September 29

Raise your hand if you are excited about the temperature change!  LuLu's is all kinds of excited because it means boot season is finally here.  And boot season this year means two things: booties and more booties!  We can't WAIT to wear this week's SOTW bare-legged with our floral dresses, underneath our skinny jeans and paired with funky tights.  Taylor brings us her newest fave matched with her own awesome style.  Don't let fall pass you by without this perfect wedge bootie.

Name- Baylee
Color-Taupe and Brown

Turn Ons-
Oversized watches, anything with a girly pattern, the Kardashians, chai tea lattes, lady bags, and BIG hair.  I'm feminine with an edge.

Acceptance Speech-
To this fab fall wedge, thank you for saving me from a long night in five inch heels.  You've brought me comfort while keeping me chic.  I cannot resist your unpredictable lace-up side and vintage skin.  My skinny jeans and floral dresses adore you...but who doesn't?

Need some help wearing this style?  We are seeing this low bootie and it's wedge heel EVERYwhere.  

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