Wednesday, September 15, 2010

walking barefoot is for the beach...

I really, really, really hate to start the blogging off this way, but I just can't stop myself!  I think of all these gals who, at the end of a long day, would otherwise be walking amongst broken beer bottle glass shards and other sidewalk nastiness and I. just. have. to. help.  Don't be that girl.  Please come buy yourself (and a friend--friends don't let friends walk barefoot from City Grocery) a pair of Footzyrolls.

What in the world is a Footzyroll?  Besides being ridiculously named, they are your new best friend this weekend.  Oxford is going to be packed and you won't want to make that long walk back to your car/dorm/house/friend's house without them.

Choose from Silver Snake, Black Snake, and Beige Snake.

Footzyrolls come in an adorable mini-Pringles sized can of fabulous and we just can't get over how AWESOME these guys are!  Tiny, rolled up ballet flats that fit in your clutch or purse (clutch, kids--these things are tiny.) that can be donned in any 911 shoe situation.  The best part is the sweet little satin drawstring bag for your precious heels.  Now you won't have to put your dirty shoe bottoms in your purse or worse--dangle them from one hand while the other sports your cute date.

No one needs to go out in heels without these tucked in their purse.  Cute (did we mention that they are cute?), easy to wear, tiny, and practical.
We couldn't resist showing the RH of New Jersey plugging Footzyrolls
Kids, this is how small they are.  Don't you need?

Can someone please go slap our momma?  We love Footzyrolls.

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