Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Welcome to follow LuLu's

Well, we've been open for about 6 weeks now and this blog has been a running dialogue in our head day in and day out.  Newer, edgy styles coming in to the store?  Need to blog.  Fabulous, fashion-forward customer with a great new style take? Need to blog.  Half of us love some new trend--half of us loathe it?  Need to blog.  Gorgeous, new shoe that follows us home and taunts us in our dreams?  Need to blog.

So, Oxford, here you are!  This blog will be a place where we can show our own style and hear what you have to say about yours.  Fashion is only as good as the women (and men) who don it.  Let us know what YOU think--we'll be sure to do the same.

Your turn--follow LuLu's.

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