Monday, October 25, 2010

High Rise Skinny Jeans

While we're sure that many of you can rock the low rise skinny jean like you were born in them, the girls at LuLu's are SO tired of our cute skinny jeans riding l-o-w.  We'll spare you an account of the physicality of working in a shoe store with your low rise jeans.  Trust us, though, we appreciate a little higher waist.

We are semi-obsessed with the million and ten different ways to wear skinny jeans.  We love them with our flats and pumps and the temps are about to drop low enough to pull out our over-the-knee boots (!).  The high rise skinny jean can do all the same things as our beloved low rise skinny jeans, but has the great high waist look that we love.
why, yes! I'd love to wear them with my chunky heels, thanks!

love the way they bunch around her ankles