Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Later, 2010!

Nothing spells anticipation like a big fat January looming on the horizon.  Everyone knows LuLu's loves a good party and we've been fielding lots of New Year's Eve fashion questions, so, here ya go, ladies!  Some super tips to make sure 2011 sees you in high fashion.

5 Super New Year's Style Tips

The Over the Top Debate

If it's over the top, then New Year's Eve is the time to flaunt it!  Who cares if you're only going to to your friend's house for dinner and drinks?!  Wear that fur vest your fab friend in NYC sent to you!  Work those glitter pumps (we've got those, P.S.)!  Say YES! to full eyeliner and oversized earrings!  Oxford may be a small town, but we've got a grown up attitude.  This is your night to shine.  If someone looks at you funny, it's because they're jealous you are amazingly cute.  The end.

The Accessory Issue

Accessories can make on outfit or ruin one!  Here's our two cents.  If your dress has a simple sweetheart neckline, a deep V, or is strapless, please do yourself a favor and make sure you've got a chunky, statement necklace to really set things off.  A great pair of earrings can do the same thing.  Do one or the other,though.  We don't want your earrings and necklace fighting for the spotlight.  One of our favorite accessory pieces for 2011 leads us to the next great style tip...

Rings! Rings! Rings!

We can't open a magazine or watch the Style Network without noticing all the fun people are having with rings!  Double knuckle rings (always awesome) pair well with New Year's attire or you can simply pile on some singles for an edgy chic look.  Don't be afraid to wear more than one--just make sure metal tones compliment each other.

The Little Black Dress

We can't help but go to that little black dress for New Year's Eve.  But, everyone else is going to be wearing black, so how do you stand out?  Shoes, ladies!  Don't be caught in black pumps tonight!  Throw some colored, jewel toned pumps on with a great pair of teardrop earrings.  Or, why not try a pewter snakeskin pump and a rhinestone cuff bracelet?  Have fun with your colors tonight.  Black is a clean slate!

Tights are for Pumps, too!

We've been talking about tights since September.  Little black dress and patterned tights?  Meet high heeled ankle boot!  Instant gorgeous.  Want to take this look and make it sing?  Swap the ankle boot for a metallic peep toe pump.  Wowza!