Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Lesson in Biker Boots

We're all kinds of in love with our biker boots from Dirty Laundry, Chinese Laundry's sister brand.  But, we keep getting the same question..."How do I wear these?"  So, we're laying out a few ground rules.

#1-Keep it simple.  Biker Boots are hardcore all by themselves.  Don't feel the need to layer on every piece of black leather or studded jewelry you own.  Let the boots be the star!

#2-Whichever bottoms you choose-skinny jeans, tights, leggings, whatever-should be kept slim and solid.  A small pattern on your tights is okay, but don't get too busy.  It can get all washed-up-rockstar-on-a-bender real quick.

#3-Don't be afraid to get a little girly.  Pair your fave skinny jeans with a sweet floral blouse layered with a grandpa cardigan. Throw on your favorite mini-bag and you're done!

#4-Get yourself to a thrift store and find a fabulous boyfriend blazer.  Cuff the sleeves, layer with a white v-neck tee, pair with your favorite skinny jeans and a chunky winter scarf...perfection.

Now for a visual aid.  These ladies are 100% Biker Boot Good...

And this young lady is unfortunately 100% Biker Boot Bad...

So while you're trying to forget that last image, come see us and we'll fix you up with your very own pair!