Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Later, 2010!

Nothing spells anticipation like a big fat January looming on the horizon.  Everyone knows LuLu's loves a good party and we've been fielding lots of New Year's Eve fashion questions, so, here ya go, ladies!  Some super tips to make sure 2011 sees you in high fashion.

5 Super New Year's Style Tips

The Over the Top Debate

If it's over the top, then New Year's Eve is the time to flaunt it!  Who cares if you're only going to to your friend's house for dinner and drinks?!  Wear that fur vest your fab friend in NYC sent to you!  Work those glitter pumps (we've got those, P.S.)!  Say YES! to full eyeliner and oversized earrings!  Oxford may be a small town, but we've got a grown up attitude.  This is your night to shine.  If someone looks at you funny, it's because they're jealous you are amazingly cute.  The end.

The Accessory Issue

Accessories can make on outfit or ruin one!  Here's our two cents.  If your dress has a simple sweetheart neckline, a deep V, or is strapless, please do yourself a favor and make sure you've got a chunky, statement necklace to really set things off.  A great pair of earrings can do the same thing.  Do one or the other,though.  We don't want your earrings and necklace fighting for the spotlight.  One of our favorite accessory pieces for 2011 leads us to the next great style tip...

Rings! Rings! Rings!

We can't open a magazine or watch the Style Network without noticing all the fun people are having with rings!  Double knuckle rings (always awesome) pair well with New Year's attire or you can simply pile on some singles for an edgy chic look.  Don't be afraid to wear more than one--just make sure metal tones compliment each other.

The Little Black Dress

We can't help but go to that little black dress for New Year's Eve.  But, everyone else is going to be wearing black, so how do you stand out?  Shoes, ladies!  Don't be caught in black pumps tonight!  Throw some colored, jewel toned pumps on with a great pair of teardrop earrings.  Or, why not try a pewter snakeskin pump and a rhinestone cuff bracelet?  Have fun with your colors tonight.  Black is a clean slate!

Tights are for Pumps, too!

We've been talking about tights since September.  Little black dress and patterned tights?  Meet high heeled ankle boot!  Instant gorgeous.  Want to take this look and make it sing?  Swap the ankle boot for a metallic peep toe pump.  Wowza!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Lesson in Biker Boots

We're all kinds of in love with our biker boots from Dirty Laundry, Chinese Laundry's sister brand.  But, we keep getting the same question..."How do I wear these?"  So, we're laying out a few ground rules.

#1-Keep it simple.  Biker Boots are hardcore all by themselves.  Don't feel the need to layer on every piece of black leather or studded jewelry you own.  Let the boots be the star!

#2-Whichever bottoms you choose-skinny jeans, tights, leggings, whatever-should be kept slim and solid.  A small pattern on your tights is okay, but don't get too busy.  It can get all washed-up-rockstar-on-a-bender real quick.

#3-Don't be afraid to get a little girly.  Pair your fave skinny jeans with a sweet floral blouse layered with a grandpa cardigan. Throw on your favorite mini-bag and you're done!

#4-Get yourself to a thrift store and find a fabulous boyfriend blazer.  Cuff the sleeves, layer with a white v-neck tee, pair with your favorite skinny jeans and a chunky winter scarf...perfection.

Now for a visual aid.  These ladies are 100% Biker Boot Good...

And this young lady is unfortunately 100% Biker Boot Bad...

So while you're trying to forget that last image, come see us and we'll fix you up with your very own pair!

Monday, October 25, 2010

High Rise Skinny Jeans

While we're sure that many of you can rock the low rise skinny jean like you were born in them, the girls at LuLu's are SO tired of our cute skinny jeans riding l-o-w.  We'll spare you an account of the physicality of working in a shoe store with your low rise jeans.  Trust us, though, we appreciate a little higher waist.

We are semi-obsessed with the million and ten different ways to wear skinny jeans.  We love them with our flats and pumps and the temps are about to drop low enough to pull out our over-the-knee boots (!).  The high rise skinny jean can do all the same things as our beloved low rise skinny jeans, but has the great high waist look that we love.
why, yes! I'd love to wear them with my chunky heels, thanks!

love the way they bunch around her ankles

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shoe of the Week September 29

Raise your hand if you are excited about the temperature change!  LuLu's is all kinds of excited because it means boot season is finally here.  And boot season this year means two things: booties and more booties!  We can't WAIT to wear this week's SOTW bare-legged with our floral dresses, underneath our skinny jeans and paired with funky tights.  Taylor brings us her newest fave matched with her own awesome style.  Don't let fall pass you by without this perfect wedge bootie.

Name- Baylee
Color-Taupe and Brown

Turn Ons-
Oversized watches, anything with a girly pattern, the Kardashians, chai tea lattes, lady bags, and BIG hair.  I'm feminine with an edge.

Acceptance Speech-
To this fab fall wedge, thank you for saving me from a long night in five inch heels.  You've brought me comfort while keeping me chic.  I cannot resist your unpredictable lace-up side and vintage skin.  My skinny jeans and floral dresses adore you...but who doesn't?

Need some help wearing this style?  We are seeing this low bootie and it's wedge heel EVERYwhere.  

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shoe of the Week September 22

We know you've all been waiting on pins and needles!  What WILL those gals at LuLu's pick as the Shoe of the Week?!  Not one to disappoint, self-proclaimed shoe-aholic Blake has chosen her favorite pump for us and we. are. ecstatic!  This guy has been one of our favorites from the get-go and Blake has brought her own style to the table with this pick.  So, come on by and check out the SOTW and see what's new at LuLu's!

Name ~ System 
Color ~ Taupe or Black 
Turn Ons ~ Travel, leather moto jackets, and the blues; structured mini-dresses, anything high-waisted, and wide-leg trousers; Katherine Hepburn, vintage chain link bags, and black coffee in the evenings. Just like my make, I’m classic sophistication with a touch of funk!

Acceptance Speech ~ First, to my platform sole- you give me all the benefits of a sky-high heel while making sure it’s my glamour that makes headlines and not slips or falls. Thank you to my tweed base for keeping it church-friendly and to my leather strap with hardware intact- I applaud the sass! All in all, thanks for making me versatile; be it the family dinners on the square or gameday in the grove, you’re always my go-to girl! 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

walking barefoot is for the beach...

I really, really, really hate to start the blogging off this way, but I just can't stop myself!  I think of all these gals who, at the end of a long day, would otherwise be walking amongst broken beer bottle glass shards and other sidewalk nastiness and I. just. have. to. help.  Don't be that girl.  Please come buy yourself (and a friend--friends don't let friends walk barefoot from City Grocery) a pair of Footzyrolls.

What in the world is a Footzyroll?  Besides being ridiculously named, they are your new best friend this weekend.  Oxford is going to be packed and you won't want to make that long walk back to your car/dorm/house/friend's house without them.

Choose from Silver Snake, Black Snake, and Beige Snake.

Footzyrolls come in an adorable mini-Pringles sized can of fabulous and we just can't get over how AWESOME these guys are!  Tiny, rolled up ballet flats that fit in your clutch or purse (clutch, kids--these things are tiny.) that can be donned in any 911 shoe situation.  The best part is the sweet little satin drawstring bag for your precious heels.  Now you won't have to put your dirty shoe bottoms in your purse or worse--dangle them from one hand while the other sports your cute date.

No one needs to go out in heels without these tucked in their purse.  Cute (did we mention that they are cute?), easy to wear, tiny, and practical.
We couldn't resist showing the RH of New Jersey plugging Footzyrolls
Kids, this is how small they are.  Don't you need?

Can someone please go slap our momma?  We love Footzyrolls.

Welcome to follow LuLu's

Well, we've been open for about 6 weeks now and this blog has been a running dialogue in our head day in and day out.  Newer, edgy styles coming in to the store?  Need to blog.  Fabulous, fashion-forward customer with a great new style take? Need to blog.  Half of us love some new trend--half of us loathe it?  Need to blog.  Gorgeous, new shoe that follows us home and taunts us in our dreams?  Need to blog.

So, Oxford, here you are!  This blog will be a place where we can show our own style and hear what you have to say about yours.  Fashion is only as good as the women (and men) who don it.  Let us know what YOU think--we'll be sure to do the same.

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