Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Oxford Street Style--Layering Done Right

Name: Katie

Occupation:  Communications Specialist

Hometown:  Oxford, MS

Self-described style: unique, but washer-friendly

Can't live without: a black cardigan that doesn't pill

Would splurge on:  ridiculously overpriced handbags.  and shoes!

 We love how Katie embraces springtime, but still looks sane on this 50 degree day with some dark opaque tights and a cardigan!  Her patterned skirt is definitely the centerpiece, but it's her accessorizing that wins our hearts.  Love the long necklace and cuff bracelet.  Love her neutral toned sunglasses even more.  The tucked in shell and high waisted skirt keep it polished and her tights pull the whole look together.  Super love.