Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring Street STYLEZ

Hi ladies!  Spring has sprung and the bad weather is gone...well at least for now.  Lulu's has been out on the streets of Oxford looking for trendy chics who are inspired by this spring's fashions, and we found a few uber fabulous looks!

NAME: Cali
HOMETOWN: Clarksdale, MS
OCCUPATION: Art teacher
Fashion Faves: Utility jackets, color, and scarves
Spring must haves: Neutrals and classic pieces

Cali's casual comfortable look is totally what we'd go for on a daily basis.  Utility jackets are IT this year and a definite must have for every female wardrobe.  Throw it on with just about any cotton T or soft print shirt for a easy trendy feel.  And like Cali says, and we agree, accessorizing is the key to jazzing up a plain outfit.  Her printed scarf and earth tone colors match perfectly.  So girls, looking to add something new to your wardrobe, take notes from Cali.

NAME: Claire
OCCUPATION: Speech Pathology Grad Student
Fashion Faves: Boots with dresses, skirts, functionality
Spring must haves: Nude pumps

Functionality is a definite!  Claire understands, effortless style is critical in our fast paced lives.  She nails this boot and skirt combo!  We call this the classic chic boho.  Leather boots pair great with a simple patterned skirt and cardigan.  Keep the colors simple and add a pop of color like Claire's color silk tank.  Don't be scared to try something new gals!

NAME: Hollie
OCCUPATION: Admissions Counselor
Fashion Faves:  Booties, flats and prairie styles
Spring must haves: Infinity Scarves

We love love love Hollie's yellow mini side bag!  This punch of yellow screams fabulous against her neutral simple style.  Tan flats and skinnies are staple pieced every girl needs.  Throw a cardigan over a simple T and finish off with a light scarf or simple long chain necklace.  Kudos to Hollie's Jcrew comfort inspired look!

NAME: Sarah
OCCUPATION: University of Mississippi Museum
Fashion Faves: comfort, suttle patterns, tall slim wedges
Spring must haves: bold colors and classic looks

Yes, the 80s are over and floral prints are out, but not these! Sarah's button down soft floral shirt is the perfect patterned print!  She keeps the colors earth toned with her brown boyfriend sweater and tight rolled skinnies!  We love ankle length jeans with woven 70s inspired flats!  Matter of fact, Lulu's carries 70s shoe styles, so run in and check them out!  Sarah's mix of decade inspired styles are totally winning.  Yes, we said it, WINNING!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Celebrating Motherhood--our story

Mother's Day has always been an extra special day for the LuLu's girls.  We're taking advantage of it this year and doing some things to truly celebrate motherhood in style.  Keep an eye on your inboxes and on our Facebook page for more information on this weekend.  We're kicking off the week with a little sentimentality, though, and we thought we'd share our story with you special ladies.

For starters, Lindsey and I (Corinne) are sisters, which many of you know, already.  If you can't tell by the family resemblance, you definitely can with all the inside jokes and our shared sense of humor.  I know the LuLu's girls up here think we're crazy!  When we decided to open the store, we went 'round and 'round trying to think of a name and finally, my husband says, "Why don't you just name it after Elise?"  (Her nickname is "Lulu" and I've called her that from the second she was born.  We didn't have a name picked out, as her gender was a surprise, so Lulu was a pet name that stuck until we chose her real name.)  To say LuLu's, the store, is deeply rooted in family and motherhood is an understatement.  
Me and Lindsey and Lulu with our mom and her mom
When we finally teamed up and opened the store in July of 2010, it was as two mothers with very different stories.  Every mom loves to tell her story!  Here's a little bit about ours.
I'd been at home for 8 years with my two kids with a pretty normal and exceedingly happy life in Oxford.  Motherhood, for me had been a rich growth experience with only the normal annoyances of having a family with two small children.  I had my kids very young and had really found my own speed as a woman and a mother.  I loved being home with my kids.  I miss it, but look back on it as a deep blessing and a wonderful, happy time in my life.

Lindsey has her own story of motherhood that is very different from mine.  She has one little boy.  His name is Andrew.
When we opened, Lindsey had just had her very first baby, a boy, that past December.  He would have been been 7 months old.  But motherhood, for her, and for many other mothers, wasn't the sweet picture of drooling babies that we all assume it will be.  Her little boy only lived for 13 days and passed away just before Christmastime.  Motherhood isn't always easy, but it is always a gift.  Another baby is due this October and we all await the sweetness and joy that Andrew's brother or sister will bring to us all.  You'll surely meet him or her this fall--Lindsey won't go anywhere without little babe, we're sure. 

LuLu's is taking a break this week to celebrate motherhood.  All of us either are mothers or have one!  There are many faces of motherhood--some seem happier or sadder that others, but all of them are rooted in love.  Take a moment this week to walk by our window and see some of the faces of motherhood that you might recognize.  Feel free to send us one of your own.  We'd love to include your "face" in our celebration!

There is a Facebook album set up and we can add you in.  Just email us at or stop by the store and we can scan it for you!  If you have a Mother's Day story, you'd like to share, feel free to email that to and we'll try to include it as well.

Happy Mother's Day!